Takeoff Thursday: Market Insights on the Bombardier Learjet 45

Industry Insights | February 29, 2024

Clear for #TakeoffThursday!! Let’s dive into the series with a deep dive into the market insights surrounding the Lear 45!

A quick look at where we are today…

🛩️ Available Aircraft: 15 Lear 45 aircraft are currently on the market.
💰 Average Asking Price: $2.75 million.
📈 Sales Performance: Over the past 6 months, 11 Lear 45 aircraft have been sold at an average price of $2.47 million.
Absorption Rate: The absorption rate, indicating the pace at which available aircraft are being sold, stands at an average of 8.2 months.

Debuting in 1998, Bombardier’s Learjet 45 quickly garnered attention for its innovative design and exceptional capabilities…I mean these birds will FLY! Noted for its blend of performance, comfort, and reliability, this aircraft continues to be a stalwart in the mid-sized jet market.

While the Learjet 45 faces competition from various manufacturers in the mid-size business jet market, such as the G150, Hawker 800XP/ 850XP, and Excel/ XLS… each offering their own unique features and capabilities. I have found that those who prefer Bombardier’s Learjet fleet remain loyal and confident in the aircraft.

Overall, the Lear 45 remains a formidable contender in the competitive business jet market, thanks to its enduring appeal, robust performance, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether you are in the market to purchase or sell a Lear 45, now is the time to takeoff with AVIONAIRE! We are here to redefine the standards of excellence in aircraft sales and acquisitions, focusing on tailored solutions and unparalleled expertise.

Reach out to learn more about these exceptional aircraft and how you can make your aviation dreams a reality!

Until next week… blue skies & tailwinds!


Jake Rainey

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