Our Story

As Your Trusted Partner In the Sky.

As the founder of AVIONAIRE, I envisioned a company that would revolutionize the aircraft sales and acquisition process. We're not just a brokerage firm; we're a boutique experience, combining best-in-class services with cutting-edge technology. My goal is to make AVIONAIRE a global leader, ensuring every client journey is seamless, superior and personally tailored to meet the highest standards in aviation.

Kevin Rossignon, Founder & President

We have a passion for getting it right.

An Experienced Dedicated Team

AVIONAIRE is the vision of trusted professionals, each of whom will be personally managing your business aviation transactions and critically, we’ll stay with you every step of the way.


Jake Rainey

Sales Executive

Kevin Rossignon

Founder & President

Margot Rossignon

VP of Marketing

    Established as a frontrunner in the global aviation industry, AVIONAIRE stands tall as an international brokerage company dedicated to excellence in aircraft sales and acquisitions. With a rich heritage rooted in aviation expertise, our team navigates the intricate world of aircraft transactions, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service and optimal solutions tailored to their needs.

    Spanning continents, our reach extends globally, yet our approach remains intimate. We understand that each transaction is as unique as our client. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, AVIONAIRE is not just a broker—it's your trusted partner in the sky.

    Empower your aviation aspirations with AVIONAIRE, where every transaction takes flight with precision, passion and unparalleled expertise.


    An aviation company based on absolute transparency, honesty and clarity.


    A business with which industry colleagues and other connected businesses can work with confidence and pride.


    A combined vision of trusted professionals.


    Guaranteed personal management of each of your business aviation related transactions.

    AVIONAIRE was built on a unique business model where every employee is both a shareholder and a stakeholder. This structure ensures that each team member shares in the collective successes of the group, fostering a culture of unity, accountability and mutual reward.


    A personal touch

    We focus on understanding

    your preferences & requirements.

    AVIONAIRE is a trusted partner for financial institutions, family offices and legal teams. We provide a reliable and stress-free experience for our clients, ensuring peace of mind in every interaction.

    Transparency and trust

    We've Eliminated Middlemen & All Hidden Fees, Ensuring direct & Transparent Transactions.

    We took off as an aviation firm committed to absolute transparency, honesty and clarity. We established a clear and unique 1-2-3% commission structure for all aircraft acquisition and sales transactions. This commitment to openness and transparency is the cornerstone of our corporate culture, consistently reflected across all our business dealings.

    Personal & Knowledgeable

    Our philosophy is anchored in our extensive understanding of the global business aviation market and our ability to gain comprehensive insight into our clients' needs. Our team, composed of experienced professionals, is committed to personally overseeing each of your business aviation transactions. We provide unwavering support at every stage of your journey.

    A focus on impact

    We have initiatives in

    place to offset our impact.

    Our commitment extends beyond business excellence; we are dedicated to giving back to the community, fueled by our success. Embracing corporate responsibility, we are vigorously pursuing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to global sustainability efforts.


    Our Numbers

    They Speak for Themselves

    The AVIONAIRE team has been dedicated to successfully meeting our clients' aircraft needs across the globe for 40+ years combined. With a focus on success and a commitment to global coverage, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in aircraft sales and acquisitions. Our team’s performance speaks for itself.

    of Aircraft Transacted